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Cake Business Advice27 June 2020

How Social Media Groups Can be Vital for Your Business

The modern world is characterized by its abundant wealth of information. It could not have all been possible without an open platform for discussions and sharing of ideas with so much ease. I am talking, of course about social media. The largest congregation of mankind in all history speaking a common language. There are lots of social media examples today so I will focus on the most relevant ones for the baking community at least so far.

Facebook & WhatsApp

Facebook is a popular social media platform for cake decorators whereas WhatsApp offers a more direct and private interaction with your clientele. It gives you the chance to create a page for your business where you can connect with customers and showcase your work. It’s also a great way to stay connected with other decorators and build friendships in the cake world or the Baking industry at large.

Keeping mind some Facebook groups are ‘’closed’’ and some are ‘’public’’. In the top left hand corner of the page, it will show what it is. A closed group means that only the members of the group are able to access the posts and contents within the group. If the group is public then family members/ friends will be able to see your posts, comments and interactions in the group.

Some of the big (International) groups can get quite busy, so your Facebook feed might fill up with cake photos and people looking for advice. I am a big lover of the quote ‘Charity starts from home’ as well as other necessary life skills, I believe. I would recommend the local communities or groups. Since they have few members, they are least likely to have “bad eggs”. By this I mean inappropriate behavior or irrelevant comments from a member in the group. You could always report such menaces to the administrator and block the person.

Thankfully there are many people willing to freely share their knowledge and give advice for other decorators. There are lots of Cake decorating groups in Uganda and East Africa at large with curious committed & eager to help specialists, participating in these discussions with an aim of auspiciously expanding their niche market. A few of the ones in Uganda with over 100 posts a day include The Cake Academy, Home Bakers UG, Bakers Garden and so much more. You could type a Cake Bakers group in our comment section below to garner more experienced bakers out there!

Are these groupings new?

Not really. As early as the seventeenth century, Salons have been common and active in societal evolution especially with skill based activities. These are gatherings of people where they amuse one another and increase their knowledge through conversation and sharing of skills. They were mostly common for the artists in France showcasing their different ideas, which laid a firm foundation for Modern art today. Modern day salons are across the world in different forms across all platforms like pinterest, behance or even Quora and Reddit.

Cake Business Advice

 What is their value for you in today’s Competitive Market?

For one, Clout! Your product needs to be out there. The market might be competitive but it’s still hungry for more! Branding and advertising are perfect solutions to this dilemma, though not as cost efficient as joining a devoted Bakers group that will ease the burden of doing it all by yourself. Secondly, as much as your product or services are espoused in the market, there is still a lot to learn especially in such an Industry where the trends & techniques are ever changing. We here at Uganda Trimmings Limited are first hand witnesses to that, we are no strangers to the competitive edge of the Baking Industry.

Thirdly and probably most importantly, these ‘’Salons’’, ‘’ Groups’’ and ‘’Social media communities’’ are agents of niche marketing, the fast growing enterprise helping novice entrepreneurs in particular fields to better their products and services & eat a bigger share of the pie compared to their huge corporate rivals that they previously wouldn’t flex muscles with before. Recent studies present that market share is weaker than wallet share. In layman’s terms, the current Baking Industry is shifting to a more egalitarian playground because the broad minded customers prefer unique and skillful designs, not just expensive ‘’famous’’ brands. Choosing a niche gives your online business a competitive edge from the get-go. Give it a try as soon as possible, you don’t lose anything anyway. I will conclude with one of my favorite

African sayings, ‘’If you want to walk fast walk alone. If you want to walk far walk together’’

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