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  • Baking Advice 5 June 2020

    All You Need To Know Before Choose a Cake Preservative

    Preservatives are usually either antimicrobial, which are described below and act against bacteria, molds or yeasts; or antioxidants, which slow the oxidation of fats and…

  • Baking Advice 2 June 2020


    The common demerit conveyed by some of the users of the local baking oven I had the chance of meeting is the temperature control. Most of these bakers find it quite cumbersome to maintain a certain steady baking temperature

  • Baking Advice 15 May 2020

    How to Get Moist Cakes Every Time

    Don’t just automatically assume it’s the recipe right off the bat. If you think back and you know you were extra careful to follow the instructions to a ‘t’ and you didn’t substitute anything, then you might have a recipe that just doesn’t work for you.

  • Baking Advice 7 September 2019


    UP TO 4 DAYS AHEAD: 1. Make the chocolate and lemon cakes if making fresh – keep well rapped in baking parchment and cling film in a cool place. 2. Make the chocolate and lemon buttercream

  • Baking Advice 12 August 2019

    How to Store & Preserve Different Type of Cakes

    Given that you have made a cake that included perishable items such as eggs and other dairy products, it is recommended to keep the cake in a “Air tight”

  • Baking Advice 2 June 2019

    How To Make Fondant

    The sugar paste should be firm but can still be slightly sticky, as it will become firmer and drier after standing overnight. (If you want to use the sugar paste immediately, mix in more confectioners’ sugar until the paste feels firm and dry.)

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