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Cake Decorating Trends for 2021

Ready to try something new and exciting in 2021? I can barely wait to hear your feedback on which trends you are interested to try! Here are some of the top baking and decorating trends on the market right now.

Animal Prints

Always stylish and fun, animal prints have always made their special mark. Whether you are looking to be the Lion King, a Leopard or zebra motif texture these animal print macarons are a great way to enjoy a walk on the wild side with this trend!

Dot Art

Probably rare but definitely increasing in popularity. Dot art or pointillism, consists of outlining a shape, then filling it with tiny dots for a design that almost resembles beadwork. Though it takes a little extra time to do, the end result is truly stunning!

The bright colors have us dreaming of warmer weather to come!


Top your cakes, cupcakes, cookies and more with candy-shaped icon art. All you need is a template and Candy Melts candy. Simply pipe the melted candy over the template and let harden. Once set, you can place the candy icons all over your cake for quick and easy decorating.

Spatula Painting

This Sparkling Ornament Cake is a perfect example. Decorated with sugar-coated ornaments, this cake shows off the classic ornament icon against a white buttercream background for an eye-catching treat that’s incredibly easy to make!

Buttercream Painting

Whether you create buttercream flowers, sculptural designs or a ‘watercolor’ effect, painting with buttercream is simple and effective once you get the hang of it. It’s hardly the new kid on the block but painting with buttercream is here to stay for 2021.

Woven Cake

Turn your cake into a stunning tapestry with this woven cake trend. A creative play on the basket weave technique, this trend is all about fringe, earthy tones and unique, brilliant textures.

Rainbow Cakes

Everyone can use a little brightness in the new year! Cheer up everything from cupcakes to cakes with a bright and colorful rainbow.

Easy to pipe with buttercream, candy or even batter and dough, rainbow designs are almost always popular, but are set to help bring in some much-needed cheer in 2021. We love how they brighten up these Candy Rainbow Cupcakes. Plus, how cute are those little candy clouds?!

New Lambeth

Named after Joseph Lambeth, who popularized this ornate style of cake decorating in the 1930s, the Lambeth technique takes time to master, but the results are truly amazing.

Lambeth piping consists mainly of “over piping”, or creating rows of overlapping scrolls, details and garlands. Often used for special occasions, such as weddings and christenings, this cake decorating technique fell out of fashion in recent years, but is now back and ready to impress yet again!

Combed Cakes

Made by running a grooved icing smoother through buttercream frosting, combing your cake is a quick and easy way to add texture and style to your desserts.

Add a simple border or decoration, like on this Just-Picked Peony Cake, or fill in the grooved lines with another color of icing for a fun striped design.

Buttercream Transfers

A time-tested method for making iconic designs, buttercream transfers are set to make a comeback in 2021. The reason these transfers work so well is that they’re actually made by tracing an image with buttercream frosting. The designs are made on waxed paper, frozen, then placed on your cake or treat. It’s essentially as easy as coloring!

Colorful cakes certainly have their place, but nothing strikes the eye like a clean, black buttercream cake. Classy and elegant, black buttercream makes a great canvas for metallic cake paint or colorful candy decorations.

Buttercream Black Cake

This Enchanted Energy Cake, decorated with a black buttercream, is then painted with gold metallic paint. A few candy crystals really pop against the black frosting, making this cake a wonder to behold! You can make letters, characters or logos using the buttercream transfer technique, but you can also create amazing cake wraps, like this Buttercream Transfer Heart Cake. No need to spatula ice this one, just pipe your buttercream design on waxed paper, freeze it, then wrap it around your cake

Lastly enjoy the process! It is why you joined the art of baking after all. Take great care and joy in each cake you bake and it will be obvious to your customers how much you love your work as always! That is a mantra in this industry.

I hope you pick something helpful out of this article & take your skills to a new level. In-case I might have left something out reach out to us here at Uganda Trimmings Limited. Till next time.

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Uganda Trimmings Limited

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OPEN: Mon-Sat 8:00-17:30 +256414344234 / 0772352391

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