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I love animal proteins to be exact especially dealing with barbecue like fish, chicken, pork

Meet Omara Etot John Paul, an exceptional student at Boma International Culinary Arts & College pursuing his dream and practicing his delicious skills in his free time.

When did you start cooking?

Professionally, I started from 2016 in internship at Serena Hotel. It’s been about 6 years.

So how did you start?

It started from childhood. I remember we came back from school from playing and the aroma in the house was very strong. I was quite sure it was meat, to my surprise it was beans. It picked my interest at that point how something could smell so different. I had never gotten my answer till I decided to become a chef a that point. That’s how it all started! I then started watching people at home cook with my sisters and my mum and then later culinary school.

What or Who inspired you to start baking?

It was a passion I pursued after school. We didn’t have a baker or Chef in our family. Like in every single thing I do,

What is your best selling product at the moment?

My best selling product is Proteins. Animal proteins to be exact especially dealing with barbecue like fish, chicken, pork.

What has been the highlight of your career?

I would point out my internship at Serena Hotel then working at Cafe Javas then Mestil Hotel and after that learning how to bake. I would say those are my career highlights so far.

What Challenges are you battling?

Right now what takes most of my time is school. I am not actively participating in the field at the moment.

How do you market yourself?

I mostly market myself through friends and family and friends who come over so that I can get a bit of feedback or opinion about my recipe. They usually tell their friends and those friends tell their friends and that’s how the market begins.

Where can Potential clients find you?

Currently as am not practicing yet, I can say that I am not available in the field right now.

Does your job affect your general lifestyle?

School takes a bigger percentage of my day. There’s research and course-work plus practical classes as well as coming up with your own recipe.

Any Inspirations in the Industry?

Yes, I do. There’s a particular chef chef called Mark O. White who is famously referred to as the godfather of modern day cooking. He is a hero in the culinary field and then there’s also

Gordon Ramsey. What I have learnt from these chefs is it takes years and experience to build a brand but at the end of it is it’s all worth it.

Any Future plans you would like to share?

After school that is around May. I look forward to working in an establishment for a couple of years then set up something of similar standards in Uganda the extend that to East Africa and Africa as a whole.

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