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  • If You intend on taking baking seriously, be prepared to invest most of your profits back into your business for the first few years. Its always best to invest in quality products that will last you years especially those that will be used regularly e.g. Mixers, Knives, Cutters etc.

  • Master the skill of Pricing. Pricing cakes is the biggest problem baker’s face. There are a number of useful online tools or apps you can download to help cost a cake correctly however learn from your experience and record prices of all the cakes you produce and make a good list of items used.

  • Time Consuming: As you continue to master your skills, your time management skills will get better however be prepared to invest a significant amount of time Learning and practicing by reading books, watching videos and going to classes.

  • Take Pictures: It’s a shame to spend hours making a beautiful cake and not take a picture of it for future reference and most importantly for marketing. Some clients don’t want their cakes posted online however they will be understanding if you promise to keep the pictures private.

  • Social Media: A business in without a social media presence or website really isn’t a serious business so take time to collect your best pictures and build a solid platform by posting regularly and engaging with your customers.

  • Always make sure you are 100% happy with your finished product. Always think of potential repeat custom and reputation. A good business should thrive off ‘word of mouth’ and be backed up by a website and social media channels

  • When using food colouring like Americolour to colour icing, always use a tooth picks. Adding a small amount of colouring in stages avoids getting the colour wrong. Remember it’s easy to add more, but not to take it out so manage it carefully.

  • It goes without saying however Customer service is the cornerstone for any successful business. This starts with a friendly face and warm welcome when a customer contacts you. Make your customer feel treasured and the most important person on the planet. Remember that an angry customer is mostly likely to tell 10 fiends verses a happy customer that is likely to only tell two or three. Don’t be disappointed by this as its always worth going the extra mile to avoid an unhappy customer.



  1. Ruth Birungi

    I have learnt a little bit of baking in this period of lockdown and would like to take it to another lever, I have found this very helpful and would be happy to keep visiting this website for more learning.

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