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  1. Print your design on a piece of paper and Trace a thin layer of Fabric or sea through paper using an edible pen. Edible Pens are recommended to avoid toxicity with the cake. Edible Pens are available at:

  1. Move the tracing paper or fabric away from the original template to ensure that you have transferred the full design and proceed to Pin the fabric or tracing paper to the cake and trace using the edible pen.

  1. Take your time to Paint the design using professional cake decorating paintbrushes. The longer brush will make it easier to achieve long, smooth lines. Try not to go over the same area multiple times or it may become streaky. If it does, allow it to dry before painting over the streaks. Profession brushes are available at:

  1. Repeat as many times to ensure the colours come through and avoid mistakes but try not to use too much water or leave it on for long or it will dissolve the fondant and create a hole


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