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 Give Value for Money to Your Customers:

We all like to feel like we are getting more value than we are paying for as its makes us feel good as humans. There are a number of ways a baker can do this without jeopardizing their business including, giving a discount on follow up orders, maybe throwing in a Free delivery, include a Free surprise Birthday card for the customer to use. One can go beyond and maybe even offer a few Free Cookies to surprise the customer. The key here is to make the customer feel like they are values and perhaps they even paid less for what they received. This will get them to comeback to you.

Customer Service:

It goes without saying however Customer service is the cornerstone for any successful business. This starts with a friendly face and warm welcome when a customer contacts you. Make your customer feel treasured and the most important person on the planet. Remember that an angry customer is mostly likely to tell 10 fiends verses a happy customer that is likely to only tell two or three. Don’t be disappointed by this as its always worth going the extra mile to avoid an unhappy customer.

Keep up with the latest trends:

To be ahead of the competition, its important to know the latest trends. Customers want to feel that every time they come to you, you offer not only the best quality but also the latest trends and designs. So do your research, read industry magazines, make regular visits to cake tools suppliers to see the latest moulds or cutters etc. Also keep yourselves involved in the baking community whether this is through Facebook groups or local communities and friends.

Have a Niche:

You are very unlikely to have any success if you keep up with what everyone else is doing so make sure you give your customers a reason to come to you. This can be through knowing that your brand offers the best in a particular category. There are a number of niches such as: Unique Fondant Flowers, unique figurines, Specialise in Wedding Cakes, Vegan Cakes, Cakes for Children, Photo design cakes or even specifically flavored cakes. The options here are endless so make sure you do your research, practice and become a perfectionist in your Niche as word of mouth will help grow your business.


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