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How to Store & Preserve Different Type of Cakes

How to Store & Preserve Different Type of Cakes

It is always recommended that a cake should baked or prepared within 24 hours of being consumed ad this will always ensure that the moisture and flavoring is not lost as it is more likely to be over a longer period.

Unfrosted cakes: Whilst preparing a layered cake, it is advised to keep unfrosted cakes/layers separate by wrapping them tightly in plastic and store them at room temperature up to five days. The cake should be completely cool before you wrap it to avoid condensation. See through clear wrap should suffice however if needed and want to preserve it much longer then adding foil paper is advised.

Frosted Cakes: For those that are prepared with non-perishable ingredients made of sugar and various oils, its best to keep these at room temperature. Ideally you should purchase a dome large enough to cover the cake leaving the sides untouched. Such domes are available at

Frosted Perishable Cakes: Given that you have made a cake that included perishable items such as eggs and other dairy products, it is recommended to keep the cake in a “Air tight” dome or container and then place in the refrigerator (not freezer). Once the cake frosting is firm, cover it loosely with clear plastic wrap and place back in the air tight container or dome. Once done, place the cake back in the refrigerator overnight. The next day, bring out the cake and leave at room temperature before serving.

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Remember that cakes with more butter dry out less quickly than those with less butter.

Buttercream Cake: Buttercream cakes are very popular due to the delicious frosting however storing them has been tricky for many baker. If the cake is to be eaten the following day, it is recommended to keep the cake at room temperature in an air tight container. If you need the cake to last up to 5 days and you are in a warmer climate, it is recommended to refrigerate the cake until the frosting is firm then cover loosely in wrapping paper, place the airtight dome/container back and keep refrigerated until you need to serve it however this shouldn’t be for more than 5 days otherwise you run the risk of losing the flavoring.

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