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UGX 45,000

PME Lustre Snow Edible Lustre Dust Gold 10g

Create a stunning glimmery gold finish on your cakes, bakes, hot chocolate and cappuccinos with this glitzy gold Edible Lustre Dust, which comes in a fine-meshed shaker rather than a powder pump for greater control.

Shimmering gold dust

This magical powder comes in a container with a fine-meshed grill on top, helping you get a fine, even covering over cakes, bakes and drinks – just gently tap on the bottom to release the golden shower of ‘snow’.

Doesn’t dissolve so stays sparkly

Unlike normal sugar which dissolves on contact with water, this dust will not dissolve on cakes, bakes and drinks, so you can enjoy the shimmer from first to last bite or sip.

Decorate cakes, chocolates and desserts

Bling up your bakes – this gold dust is perfect if you fancy finishing off your cake, cookies or home-made chocs with a little more sparkle, and gives a really luxurious finish to ice cream, yoghurt and other desserts.

Great for coffee art

If you’re looking for a finishing touch for a perfectly frothed cappuccino or cream-topped hot chocolate, sprinkling a little of this over is sure to add a touch of glamour. And while beautifully designed latte art might be beyond your skill level, if you team this dust with stencils, you can finish off your hot drinks with barista-worthy patterns in gleaming gold.

Also available in Pearl.




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