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From the popular cooking Television shows to the unsuspecting bakeries and most proud home bakers, the Convection oven is a proverbial necessity in today’s kitchens. How could it not be the supreme choice in such an era of technology advancement combined with it’s speed and high quality efficiency? Most of these modern ovens come in a wide variety to suit customer preferences in terms of size, design and functionality.

However, the evolution of this magical machines has evolved over a substantial period of time to what they are today. Perhaps the closest existing ancestor being the local baking oven, which is surprisingly still very common among quite a number of house-holds. One common example is the firewood rocket baking oven promoted by GIZ in Uganda. They usually come in three different sizes: the single deck rocket oven, the double deck rocket oven and the large scale commercial rocket oven. The local baking oven is a majority favorite substitute for near-perfect convection ovens & electric ovens because of their cost-efficacy. With professional construction, these local ovens can prove to be your ultimate companion for a low-cost budget.

Since it is an outdoor oven, it’ll save you tons of kitchen space rewarding you with a neat workspace. It also runs on solid fuel(firewood & charcoal) giving your wallet a huge sigh of relief when it comes to those banal electric bills. Plus maintaining these local ovens is as basic as maintaining your ordinary charcoal stove, given the trays are removable for easy cleaning. The well constructed local baking oven has a metal casing to shield the clay from the damaging weather effects, as well as guiding the heat outside the oven evenly. Despite using solid fuels, the smoke doesn’t imbibe the aroma of the confections being baked as they are in a separate compartment where only the heat is transfered. This is the prime importance of the ventilation system in the baking process, therefore be sure to check it incase you suffer from a smoke-scent problem.

The common demerit conveyed by some of the users of the local baking oven I had the chance of meeting is the temperature control. Most of these bakers find it quite cumbersome to maintain a certain steady baking temperature, that is quintessential for baking the perfect cake. However, as I have been emphasizing, professional construction and assembly of the equipment will ensure a magnificent insulation and ventilation system that enhances the heat transfer in the baking chamber thereby producing better quality products. At first, handling the temperature irregularities may be tricky, but as proven by the first traditional baking ovens in the past, practice makes perfect! Have you ever tried using any baking means aside the general convection oven?

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