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When to turn down an order to Save your business.

Know when to turn down an order to Save your business.

A successful Cake decorating depends on when to know how to deal with all sort of customers in a professional manner.

Below are the Top Reasons:

Difficult Customers: We have all dealt or heard of those customers that either refuse to pay a deposit, bombard you with messages, constantly change their order, as you for constant discounts and don’t respect your time as a business woman or man. Its always best to turn down these customers and thank yourself later.

How to do this? Simply explain in the politest way possible what goes into making the cake they request, the ingredients, costs, time spent together with how long it takes to gain the skills you have developed. Let them know that certain things are nonnegotiable such as refusal to pay a deposit. Try and keep it professional and don’t compromise your business.

Cheap Customers: Customers that constantly ask you to reduce the price are those that don’t really appreciate or understand what goes into producing the cake they want. Remember that you are not a charity and you are in this to run a profitable business. Don’t be afraid to explain yourself whilst being as professional as possible:

How to do this? Politely explain to your customer that you’re unable to lower your quote any lower due to the price of ingredients along with the time, effort and artistic skill involved.

Last Minute orders: By far this is the biggest reason to turn down a cake order. There is no way you should be expected to produce a 5-tiered cake in 48 hours without compromising your business reputation and your customers occasion making it not wort it.

How to do this? Professionally explain to your customers how much time goes into making the cake they are requesting, how much time is required to plan, design shop, bake and decorate their master piece. Most customers will understand as long as you take tome to explain the difficult whilst assuring them that if they want the quality that meets the reputation you have built; you will need more time.

Not your skill set: Its is very common that bakers running a small business will get request for cakes outside their skillset. With the increasing availability of online images, most customers may assume every baker is capable of producing what they see. It’s disappointing to turn down an order however you have to appreciate that you may not have the skills, equipment, help, time or design capability to produce this.

How to do this? Firstly make sure that you are unable to deliver the requested design or cake. If not, explain to the customer that you don’t feel comfortable taking on the job and would hate to disappoint them. As a result, I would recommend referring them to other bakers perhaps capable. Please don’t be put off by this as the baking community will appreciate referrals and in time that baker will also send customers your way.




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